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Foundational Core Stability

This online course is a foundational building block for safe and effective progressive fitness training. The goal of each training session is to increase your functional capability by adding mobility and balance with stabilization and strength.

Sherman Ad (Final 2) from Sherman Rosier on Vimeo.

What is Core Stability?

The body's core is the center of all physical movement. Our core is made up of all the muscles that attach vertebrae to the pelvis and rib cage, as well as rib cage to pelvis. These muscles support and stabilize our spine, pelvis, and hips. We have global core stabilizers and local core stabilizers. Global muscles are more superficial and they have a primary function other than stabilizing. Local stabilizers are deep core muscles with the primary function of stabilizing the spine. This group is critical for static and dynamic stability of the lower back.

How Does the Course Work?

Each week for 12 weeks you will receive an exercise assignment that is to be performed 3 times a week. The first week is flexibility and mobility moving into core stability the second week with each week progressing from the previous. Your sessions will take 15-25 minutes.

What Equipment is Needed?

Stability Ball, Exercise Band, Pilates Ball, 4 or 6 lb Dumbbell or Weighted Ball, 36" Foam Roller