Meet the Doctor

Dr. David L. Hartz D.C.

Dr. David L. Hartz

For 35 years, Dr Hartz has had a passion to see patients return to normal vibrant health using drugless, non-surgical methods. He has treated over 12,000 patients in the North Florida area.

Dr. Hartz attended the University of South Florida, where he obtained a MS in Pre-Med and Microbiology. He received his professional training in Chicago, IL at the National College of Natural Health Sciences. In 1978, after his internship, he graduated with a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine. He came to Tallahassee after graduation and founded the "The North Florida Spine and Wellness Institute".

He holds the following certifications:

  • Advanced certified in Activator Methods technique
  • Certified rehab physician
  • Certified Biomeridian practitioner
  • An Advanced Certified Nutritional Response Practitioner.
  • Continuing certification in Nutrition from the Miller School of Alternative Medicine at the University of Miami School of Medicine to obtain an advanced certification in Functional Medicine.