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Back to School Functional Wellness Physical

With brick and mortar school re-opening, we at North Florida Spine and Wellness understand that your child's health, both physically and mentally, is a parent's top priority. While in person instruction is viewed as the ideal learning and social environment by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC, we understand the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic weighs heavily on parents and teachers alike. With all of this in mind, we have decided to offer a specialized "School Physical" to evaluate functional wellness both physically and neurologically to ensure the best chance of success during this challenging fall semester. The evaluation will consist of three major parts:

1. Comprehensive Physical Exam: This will include examination present on a traditional school/sports physical and we will complete the necessary forms for any athletic participation. In addition, Dr. Zaideman will complete a Functional Neurological Exam that can evaluate neurological barriers to learning.

2. RightEye Functional Eye Movement Assessment: RightEye is specialized equipment that tracks functional eye movements which can detect functional deficits related to problems with learning, reading and even sports performance. RightEye assessments can also serve as a "concussion baseline" which can be compared in the event of head injury to asses both extent of the head injury and also recovery. This is especially valuable for student athletes who compete in contact sports. To learn more about RightEye, visit our dedicated resource page.

3. COVID-19 Antibody Testing: Antibody testing can be a great test to evaluate for past exposure to the novel Coronavirus. The test we utilize is non-invasive and very accurate. It has also received Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA. To learn more about our antibody testing, visit our dedicated resource page.

For more information or to schedule your child for this comprehensive back to school physical, call our office at (850) 877-6790.