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Risks of Not Receiving Whiplash Treatment

Written By North Florida Spine and Wellness Institute on February 11, 2019

​​If you get in an auto accident and your head is jarred, it's pretty likely you've suffered whiplash. Sometimes a mild whiplash diagnosis will simply go away on its own. However, there are risks to that mild case leading to prolonged pain and chronic issues.

What Is Whiplash Treatment?

Treating whiplash is about more than managing the pain with medication. Your doctor may require you to wear a neck brace and attend physical therapy to help. Another important part of treatment is a regular visit to your chiropractor.

Whiplash can affect spinal alignment, especially in your upper spine and neck area. That injury can cause pain in other parts of your body through your nervous system. Your chiropractor will help with whiplash treatment by aligning your spine again and naturally reducing pain and decreasing the possibility of permanent effects.

What Happens If You Don't Get Whiplash Treatment?

Studies have shown that many people with chronic neck pain suffer that pain because of a previous vehicle accident.

1. Neurological Issues

Chronic pain is just the beginning. If you don't get treatment for your whiplash, you may also risk neurological issues. These problems can include tinnitus, headaches (most often, tension headaches), and vertigo. 

Tinnitus and vertigo, as well as headaches, can keep you out of work and can make it difficult to move. While there are medications and surgeries to help with these ailments, it's better to get whiplash treatment before you experience the side effects.

2. Decreased Range of Motion

You may also experience less of a range of motion from your whiplash injuries. A decreased range of motion means that it will be harder for you to reach for things on a top shelf or even turn your head from side to side to check traffic when driving or crossing the street.

3. Stiffness

Stiffness is common and can make your chronic pain even harder to deal with. If you've been in a car accident, you might be able to relate to the stiffness that happens after the fact.

You might not experience pain or stiffness immediately after the accident, especially if your injuries are mild. That doesn't mean that pain won't come, so make sure to get checked out by a doctor and to talk to your chiropractor.

Whiplash Treatment in Tallahassee

Dr. Matthew R. Zaideman is a certified chiropractor who has been working with North Florida Spine and Wellness. He is trained and ready to help you with your whiplash treatment. Call today for an appointment, (850) 877-6790.

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