North Florida Spine and Wellness Institute Presents:

Optimum Health Naturally Seminar Series

Chronic Fatigue

Thursday, February 23, 2017 7pm @

North Florida Spine and Wellness Institute

1610 West Plaza Drive


There is a condition that is becoming epidemic in our society and has become one of the largest causes for doctor visits in America today, that epidemic is fatigue. More and more people are trying to live life on tanks that are running on empty and survive on caffeine and stimulants. We know that we don’t feel like we should, but the tests say that we are normal. So we just continue to push to make it through each and every day. There is an alternative. The North Florida Spine and Wellness Institute is conducting a no charge seminar on chronic fatigue, called “what do you do when all the test say you are normal and you feel anything but.” It will be held on Thursday, February 23 7:00pm. Seats are limited so register below or call 877-6790. Learn about 9 causes of fatigue and what you can do to get your life back, naturally. Call and register now.

Chronic Fatigue

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Every quarter Dr. Hartz and Dr. Zaideman will present a special topic to the community to address natural solutions that treat the cause, not the symptoms, of their chronic health issues. These topics range from energy, thyroid, brain health, autoimmune disorders, etc. If you are interested in our general health workshops, they are held the first and third Monday of every month. Please call our office at 850-877-6790 for more information or click here to sign up online.

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